Scrubber Service

Purenviro offers comprehensive service for scrubbers and washing towers. We perform a thorough inspection of both the mechanical condition and the processes involved. Our checklist includes measuring and controlling flow voluems, as well as a detailed review of all components in the tower. We also focus on measuring the cleaning performance efficiency and the effect of the system. Our goal is to ensure that your system operates at its most efficient level, which not only improves cleaning but also contributes to energy savings for our customers.

  • Thorough Inspection: Full review of both the mechanical condition and the processes, ensuring that everything is working properly.
  • Detailed Control: Measuring and controlling quantities, as well as reviewing all components of the tower, for maximum efficiency.
  • Improved Cleaning Efficiency: Accurate measurement of the degree of cleaning to ensure the highest cleaning quality.
  • Energy Savings: Optimizing the system to reduce energy consumption, which results in economic savings for the customer.
  • Long-term Reliability: Regular service extends the life of the equipment and prevents costly downtime.
  • Customized Solutions: Services tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of each individual customer.