About us

Purenviro offers services and solutions for managing industrial emissions to air. Our business concept is to build an international competence center for handling gaseous emissions to air, especially odorous gasses. We want to develop and deliver exceptional skills, especially targeted at large environmental projects in the growing international clean-tech sector. Purenviro aims at helping clients when a problem occurs and we don’t quit until a solution has been implemented and verified. Our high skill levels ensure that both the clients and environment benefits.


We shall create a cleaner environment

Purenvro is located on Herøya in Porsgrunn. It is the largest industrial site in Norway, and provides access to know-how and highly specialized suppliers. In addition we have a daughter company in Asia and distribution in many countries.

Who are the customers?

Our clients are in general large, international industries. Many clients are considered as leader of their respective sectors. They represent sectors such as aquatic feed, fish oil and meal, oil&gas, food factories, metallurgic industries, recycling, biogas, renewable energy, waste handling and sewage treatment. We are proud of being able to offer our services to companies that themselves have exceptionally high levels of competence, and demand the very best from their suppliers.

Where does Purenviro work?

Purenviro works worldwide. Norway is still the main market, but we focus our efforts on growing the international business.