Purenviro TOM

Purenviro TOM is an integrated platform for odor and air quality management. Offering a full set of best practice tools combined with real time modelling, the system provides insight, enables proactive management, and helps documenting compliance. Environmental management is all about reducing risk and protecting value. For more than 10 years it has been the leading cloud based platform for odor and air quality management. Powered by AI to automate writing emails

Instant insights

TOM provides perfect and instant overview. Real-time modeling shows the current plume and sensor data. It is easy to browse time steps and retrieve historical situations.

Predict and be proactive

Purenviro TOM runs dispersion modeling based on the latest, updated weather forecast, and indicates when it is high and low risk for complaints. It makes it easy and simple to plan and make operational decisions


Proper communication reduces the risk of conflicts with the community. TOM has multible tools for distributing information and keeping a two way dialogue with the neighbors. The click-to-publish function pushes information simultaneously to all platforms with a single mouse click.

Manage complaints

Complaints or feedback from neighbors can be collected automatically and managed in an integrated way. TOM collects and presents all relevant information in each case. Comparison with the actual dispersion plot will reveal whether the complaint is justified. Analysis has never been easier.

Locating unknown sources

Sometimes the odor is coming from an unknown source. Sometimes the source is a different company or operation. TOM has all the tools needed to locate and identify the sources.

Odor panel studies

Odor panel studies does not have to be expensive or difficult. With TOM you can easily set up studies and have data acquired and analysed automatically.

Notifications and alerts

TOM contains a rich set of highly configurable alerts and notifications. You can define criteria based on sensor values, receptor values, complaints or other triggers, and direct notifications to the users you prefer.

Reporting and statistics

All collected data can be analysed using the reporting in TOM. Additionally, all data can be downloaded and further evaluated in spreadsheets and standard office tools. The system offers full flexibility.

Connect everything

Integrate existing sensors and workflow with ease. TOM has all the APIs necessary to interface exitising sensors and systems. Ready programmed PLCs with gsm connection is available to connect industrial sensors in a plug and play manner. TOM can work with stack sensors, fence sensor and field sensors.

Automatic model calibration

When TOM systems are fitted with gas sensors or electronic noses in the filed, the model can automatically calibrate itself based on field observations.

All platforms

TOM is available on all platforms: desktop, mobile and tablet. A new improved user interface offers seamless transitions from office work to field work.


One of the most innovative approaches in TOM is the possibility for users to run custom code. Our script module enables users to run Python3 code in the cloud, with full access to all data and APIs. It can be used to add additional custom functionality and trigger external actions like automatic odor sampling.

Application examples

Neighbor survey nearby a wasteplant

Diffuse emissions from wasteplants is often difficult to quantify. Neighbor survey is a very good method of quantifying the odor emission. TOM conducts neighbor surveys and reports automatically.

Emission from wastewater treatment plant

Many large wastewater treatment plants have open impoundments and tanks which causes diffuse emissions. Together with gas-sensors, Purenviro TOM is used to measure and follow up emission from several of Europe’s largest wastewater treatment plants.

Optimization and automatic reports

Production of fish feed, fish oil and fish proteins often result in odor complaints and nuisance. Purenviro TOM is used in these industries to monitor the abatement equipment and to generate automatic reports.

Emission from process industry

Emissions from process industry are often easy to quantify, but in some cases, it can be other companies with emission in the same area. Is it your company who causes the complaints? Purenviro TOM can document whether it is your company or another company who causes the complaints.

Monitor odor from Biogas

Biogas plants emits a lot of odor. Purenviro TOM is used on biogas plants to manage emissions and report automatically to the authorities. Automatic neighbor surveys are used to quantify the nuisance.

Locating unknown odor sources

When odor problems occur, it is sometimes difficult identify and locate the source. Cities and municipalities use TOM to collect observations from the public in order to locate sources.


  • Reduce costs for complaint handling
  • Simplify troubleshooting
  • Save time by using automatic registration and reporting
  • Always updated dispersion image

  • Conduct neighbor surveys based on TA3019 and VDI 3883
  • Reduce nuisance by considering emission forecasting
  • Archives and reports are always up to date. Maintain full overview