Purenviro Scrubber

Our state-of-the-art scrubbers are recognized as the Best Available Technology (BAT) across various sectors, including industrial, marine, and energy. Designed to both recover and recycle material as well as meeting the most stringent environmental regulations, our systems efficiently remove pollutants such as sulfur oxides, hydrogen sulphide, odor, particulate matter, and hazardous chemicals from exhaust gases. Whether you’re in power generation, hydrogen production or manufacturing, our solutions ensure your operations are cleaner, safer, and more sustainable. Explore how we can help you achieve compliance and environmental excellence with our cutting-edge scrubber technology.


Purenviro TOM

Discover the prowess of Purenviro TOM, your comprehensive solution for odor and air quality management. This robust system, backed by a decade of industry leadership, intertwines best practice tools with real-time modeling to furnish insightful analytics, foster proactive management, and streamline compliance documentation. Supported by AI, Purenviro TOM transcends conventional boundaries, offering an innovative approach to environmental management aimed at risk mitigation and value preservation​1​. Experience the future of odor emission management today!

Emergency ammonia scrubber

Purenviro emergency ammonia scrubbers are crucial tools in managing and mitigating the risks associated with ammonia spills and emissions, particularly in large cooling applications where ammonia is utilized as a refrigerant​1​. The EN378 standard highlights the importance of safety and environmental considerations in the design, operation, and maintenance of refrigerating systems and appliances, which includes measures to handle ammonia emissions effectively​​. Purenviro’s emergency scrubbers are designed in compliance with the EN378-3 standard, ensuring they meet the requisite safety and environmental benchmarks. These scrubbers play a pivotal role in not only securing the safety of individuals in the vicinity of cooling systems but also in adhering to environmental protocols​.


The odoActive system employs an Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) to effectively mitigate odorous emissions from off-gases. This system generates hydroxyl radicals via UV light, which, when combined with a specialized catalyst, facilitates the oxidation and subsequent neutralization of odor-causing compounds. Designed with precision, odoActive serves as a robust solution for industrial settings where odor control is paramount, ensuring a compliant and less disruptive operation. By incorporating odoActive, one can significantly enhance the management of off-gas odor, aligning operations with environmental standards and community expectations.

Carbon filter

Purenviro’s carbon filters are optimal for gas and odor removal, with high efficiency and low maintenance demands. The installation is simple, and choosing the right filter medium can achieve high efficiency at a low cost. These filters work by passing the pollutant gas through a layer of active carbon, which attracts and holds pollutants and odors. They are ideal for odor removal, and can be small and compact, with a variety of applications across industries, especially in odor-intensive processes like wastewater treatment.

Hydrogen Scrubber

Purenviro’s hydrogen scrubbers are engineered for effective purification of hydrogen and oxygen derived from electrolysers, removing contaminants, reducing humidity, and facilitating heat recovery. These scrubbers are instrumental in supporting the production of green hydrogen, a key player in the transition towards renewable energy, aligning with industrial efforts to mitigate carbon emissions and advance the utilization of renewable energy sources

Venturi scrubber

Purenviro Venturi Scrubbers are highly efficient in extracting dust and particulate matter from air and gas streams, significantly reducing PM2.5 and PM10 emissions. Operating optimally even in demanding applications, these scrubbers ensure uninterrupted operation with no filter bags to clog. The two-stage particulate abatement process, initiated by a water spray in a constriction, effectively captures and separates particulate matter from the airflow. Noteworthy features include high efficiency, ease of maintenance, and the ability to handle damp and humid dust, among others​


Purenviro offers steel chimneys ideal for controlling flue gas, odor, and atmospheric emissions, covering services from engineering to commissioning. Our chimneys, characterized by robustness, low energy consumption, and ease of maintenance, are tailored for optimal abatement across various applications including Biogas, Flue gas, and Combined Heat and Power plants. With capacities up to 400,000 m3/h, enduring temperatures up to 550°C, and gas velocities of 25 m/s, they embody the Best Available Technique ethos for numerous industrial sectors


Purenviro’s biofilters are designed for effective odor reduction across various applications, utilizing a biologically active filter material to cleanse the air of pollutants. The process, fueled by microorganisms breaking down substances within the filter, showcases a high odor removal rate of 95-99%, while requiring low energy and minimal to no chemicals, making it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for odor issues in different sectors​