Odor measurement

Purenviro does odor measurements and analyses. We base our work on the recommendations of TA-3019 and report values according to EN13725. The odor analyses may be done in accredited labs or in the field. We tailor sampling plan and scope to each specific purpose. Purenviro has equipment to sample form stacks, ducts, area sources and liquid surfaces.

Typically, the purposes of odor analyses are:

  • Document efficiency of abatement equipment
  • Document compliance to discharge permits
  • Provide design criteria for engineering and installation of equipment
  • Provide data for risk assessments
  • Provide data for dispersion modeling

Dispersion modeling

Purenviro offers dispersion modeling using Aermod. The calculations fulfill many purposes in engineering, risk assessments and compliance documentation. We do the calculations according to official guidelines for odor and stack calculations.

The purpose of dispersion modeling is to:

  • Document legal compliance
  • Assess required abatement efficiency
  • Evaluate impact of process modifications
  • Calculate required height of stacks
  • Simulate future scenarios

Risk assessment

Risk assessments are an important part of many processes. They are formally required in many large projects, and discharge permits often require annual risk assessments. Most projects can benefit from some level of risk assessment. Purenviro offers odor risk assessments according to TA-3019, and process risk assessments according to Hazop. We have developed software to perform and maintain the analyses.

The purpose of risk assessments are:

  • Secure a safe process and design
  • Improve processes and operations
  • Reduce emissions
  • Reduce the number of incidents
  • Document compliance


Purenviro has extensive engineering know-how. Although most of engineering resources are used on internal technology projects, we do offer engineering services as stand-alone services.

Some of the engineering services we supply are:

  • Process optimization
  • Develop P&ID and process control strategies
  • CAD and layout
  • CFD analyses and equipment design
  • Process and energy calculations
  • CAPEX / OPEX analyses

Discharge permit

Purenviro provides assistance to companies that apply for discharge permits. Most companies find that parts of the required documentation can be difficult to provide without assistance from experts. Purenviro can assist with documentation, analyses, and modeling.

Services that Purenviro offer in the application process:

  • Managing the entire application process
  • Dispersion modeling
  • Documentation of technical solutions
  • Documentation of compliance to BAT according to directives IPPC / IED
  • Recipient assessments