Scrubber Service

Purenviro provides comprehensive services for scrubbers and washing towers, including thorough inspections of both mechanical conditions and involved processes. Our checklist includes measurement and control of quantities and a detailed review of all tower components, focusing on measuring cleaning efficiency and system impact. The goal is to ensure systems operate at their most efficient level, improving cleaning and contributing to energy savings for their clients​

Odor measurement

Purenviro does odor measurements and analyses. We base our work on the recommendations of TA-3019 and report values according to EN13725. The odor analyses may be done in accredited labs or in the field. We tailor sampling plan and scope to each specific purpose. Purenviro has equipment to sample form stacks, ducts, area sources and liquid surfaces.

Dispersion modeling

Purenviro offers dispersion modeling using Aermod. The calculations fulfill many purposes in engineering, risk assessments and compliance documentation. We do the calculations according to official guidelines for odor and stack calculations.


Purenviro offers a broad range of engineering services, including process optimization, development of P&ID and control systems, CAD and layout planning, CFD analyses, equipment design, process and energy calculations, and CAPEX/OPEX analyses. We mainly focus on internal projects but also offer services for external assignments

Risk assessment

Risk assessments are an important part of many processes. They are formally required in many large projects, and discharge permits often require annual risk assessments. Most projects can benefit from some level of risk assessment. Purenviro offers odor risk assessments according to TA-3019, and process risk assessments according to Hazop. We have developed software to perform and maintain the analyses.